Rehabilitation of building facades


There are a countless number of finishes that we can apply to a facade. Here are the ones that have made Decoman a benchmark company within the sector.

Repair of facades and application of paint.

We comprehensively handle the entirety of the facade, from masonry work to the complete process of applying the final coat of paint.

The properties of each type of paint include a primer or base and finish preparation, following a high pressure water blasting and filling in of any small cracks. Each type of paint application is characterized by certain properties: Elasticity, colour intensity, resistance to wear and tear, moisture vapour permeability, anti-carbonation barrier and impermeability against rainwater.

Acrylic System

Organic film-forming systems. They protect reinforced concrete from carbonation and from the elements.

Siloxane system

These are the most waterproof in the market. They offer excellent water vapor permeability. They are elastic and extremely durable.

Silicate System

These react with the facade structure and do not form a film, are very permeable to water vapor and weather the elements very well.

At Decoman we use very high quality claddings in order to provide you with durable finishes to last for many years.


How to we undertake our work?

Before we begin, we always hope you will reflect on the importance of occupational safety and the need to hire a professional company that duly complies with workplace risk prevention legislation.

Lifting machinery

There are a large number of lifting machinery and equipment on the market; telescopic, articulated, scissors, etc. These enable us to reach a height of 40 meters and have multiple security systems, which makes for extremely safe equipment.


We use homologated European aluminium scaffolding, complying with safety regulations and facilitating the work of our employees. The scaffolding is anchored to the walls of the building facade and our employees/ operators are fitted with safety harnesses at all times. 

Suspended or folding scaffolding

Suspended scaffolding or folding racks are used in circumstances in which, due to the characteristics of the work, it is not possible to use a lifting machine or a European scaffold. These types of scaffolds can attain heights of up to 100 meters.

Vertical work

This type of work has grown considerably in recent years, substantially boosted by sports climbing. Occupational risk prevention legislation only allows this type of work when no other means of access are available, with financial incentive not being a justifiable motive.

How is it done? The operator moves around using ropes and a special harness that sustains him/her in a seated position, thereby allowing the work to be undertaken in the most comfortable and safe manner possible.


Do you need a facade rehabilitation service in the area of Murcia, Cartagena, San Javier, Los Alcázares, Mazarrón, Molina de Segura, Orihuela, Torrevieja, Lorca, Águilas, Vera, Mojácar etc.? Contact us!



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